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Scream Queens series premiere (recap/review)

NOTE: This article is 6 years old and may not include the most recent information.

With Halloween looming over us  one can expect numerous tv stations to begin airing your classic horror flicks but it’s always nice to have some fresh blood. From the creative mind that brought us Glee and American Horror Story Ryan Murphy gives us Scream Queens.

The cast alone is reason to watch. Don’t believe me? Let me name drop for you then. Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michelle, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas and a tons more I mean really guys who wouldn’t want to watch a show with such house hold names?

If the cast isn’t incentive enough for you then let me just say that Scream Queens is a perfect blend of comedy and goosebump worthy moments. You have those moments where a character is alone and does some questionable crap where you’re like “why the hell would you do that” or “don’t be stupid”. Anyone who has ever watched a horror movie knows exactly what I’m taking about. Then to give your heart a break from exploding out of your chest Scream queens also provides those moments when you laugh so hard you cry, the great thing about it all  is its not overly done. It’s just enough the perfect potion if you will.

Growing up I’m sure we all imagined what collage would be like. Going to frat parties and joining a sorority, well the show doesn’t shy away from those ideas. The show opens up in the year 1995. A girl is seen in the bathtub covered in blood so you’re thinking “oooo a dead girl right off the bat” but you know better then I do nothing on tv is what it seems. Instead one of the sorority sisters just had a baby. Cute right? Not exactly because instead of helping out their fellow sister the other members of the sorority are more concerned about dancing to Waterfalls by TLC. In typical mean girl fashion the girls ditch the new mother and it ultimately leads to her untimely death.

The Flash forward to present day it’s the year 2015 and the sorority is as strong as ever. The leader of the pack is Chanel Oberlin played by the ever so talented Emma Roberts. Aside from her early days as Addy Singer on Nickelodeons unfabulous,  or her role in hotel for dogs or aquamarine Roberts always plays the character  you love to hate and this role was no different. She’s downright mean SPOILER ALERT….. She kills the maid by submerging her in boiling grease…. See I told you she’s a bi***
What would a mean girl be without her brainwashed followers? They come in the form of Chanel #2 (Ariana Grande) and  Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin). I would say Hester (Lea Michele), Grace (Skyler Samuels and ZayDay (Keke Palmer) are followers too but for now it seems like they’re just going with the flow.

What I loved about the show right off the bat was that it almost felt like we were in an alternate universe. I men Lea Michelle’s character has HEAD GEAR.. Not to mention Boone played by Nick Jonas  is gay. There’s nothing wrong with that in fact it’s refreshing. Oh and let’s not forget the infamous Jamie Lee Curtis is Dean Munsh. I mean how cool is that? As a horror movie buff I would’ve loved to have attended a school where Laurie Strode was in charge

In the premier episode people are dropping like flies. HERE COMES ANOTHER SPOILER Chanel #2 dies while having an epic back and forth banter via txt message with the killer and she goes out in a blaze of glory all the while posting a Twitter update. Really it was gold. Or how could I forget to mention A shirtless Nick Jonas getting his throat slashed while working out. It was beautiful.

If your keeping score at home that’s 4 deaths in one episode. The killer who terrorizes the university dresses up like the devil and it’s ever so fitting. At first we think the killer might be the creepy yet charming stalker Pete played by Diego Boneta. I mean the killers attire is in his closet but again we all know in the horror genre things are NEVER that easy

With all these people dying you think it would be smart to get some protection right? Sooooo who do they hire? Denise who is played by Niecy Nash of Reno 911 (you see why this is comedy gold right) At one point she even calls the sorority stupid for wanting to go upstairs when the killer is still in the  house. (Ladies and gentlemen Denise is the voice of every horror movie fan!)

What would a horror tv show be without someone getting their head decapitated by a lawn mower? Yep that happened too. Oh and remember how I said Boone was dead? I lied. It was just really good make up skills and apparently he’s in cahoots with the KILLER….. Yep Nick Jonas is a bad guy

All and all this premier episode was fantastic and I can’t wait to what happens next. I hope you’ll all join along for the thrill ride. See you next week.

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