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Faking it: Saturday Fight Live (recap)




 It’s that time of the week again where I bring you a recap of this weeks Faking it episode. As per usual the episode had its WTF moments and as always delivered for the fans watching.

This weeks episode opens with Karmy in bed spooning. (Yep you read that right) all is right in the world, well that is until Karma wakes up and rudely wakes up Amy from her slumber just to get out of the awkward position. Geez Karma you know it’s perfectly normal to cuddle with your bestie right?

Amy is sulking in her sadness about her recent break up with Reagan. All she wants to do is stay in bed and watch Netflix (ummm I volunteer as tribute) but Karma has other plans. She gets dressed in a hurry brcause apparently plans were made to have coffee with  Duke and Shane.(Gosh I would like these plans so much more if it was a double date.)Amy says she can’t handle any more mushy stuff or she’s gonna throw up so she elects to stay behind.

Meanwhile Lauren and Theo are having a phone conversation telling each other how much they miss each other’s face and lips. Lauren expresses how she wishes they could make out in public but it would be bad for both of them since Hester high hates him. The conversation ends with Theo telling Lauren he left a note for her on the back porch. Before Lauren can get to it though Amy beats her to it and comes to the conclusion that her mom must be having an affair.

I found this whole story of this episode a bit weird. Not only was Lauren hiding the fact that the note was from Theo but the sisters are on opposite sides of what you would expect them to be. I mean Amy thinks her mom’s the cheating one and Lauren thinks it’s her dad that’s the cheater (just in case you keeping score at home Amy and Lauren are step sisters.)

Lauen tells Amy that she just can’t assume there’s cheating going on and they need proof. So Amy decides to start digging through the dirty  laundry (literally) and sure enough she finds a hotel key card.

At the coffee date of course Karma is the third wheel brcause Shane and Duke pretty much spend the whole time sucking face. Don’t think things could get anymore awkward for Karma? Wrong, because then Liam AND Zeta show up. During the date Shane says how excited he is to see his boyfriend make his professional MMA debut. He suggest that they all pitch in so they can watch the fight on TV to which Zeta says or we can all fly to LA on my privite jet.

The group agrees with the plan so of course they need to dress for the occasion. Zeta takes Karma dress shopping. Karma quickly becomes hesitant about the dress she is trying on brcause of the price but Zeta tells her money is the last thing she needs to worry about. That’s when it becomes clear to Karma that Liam must’ve told Zeta about her money problem. Zeta confirms those suspicions by telling Karma that work gets boring so her and Liam just blab which is why she thought the trip would be good for her and Liam especially with Liam finding out the guy he thought was his dad only cared about money. Obviously this is news to Karma because she gives a look of surprise and being uncomfortable.

One of the cooler parts of the show in my opinion was the scene at Dukes fight weigh in because MTV used a real fight promotion in Bellator MMA so the fight fan in me had a little fan girl moment. It is here where Shane meets Dukes publicist and there’s an awkward moment when she finds out that Shane is still in High School.

Back at Amy and Lauen’s house during dinner they both begin interrogating their parents without making it bluntly obvious that they know about the affair but the parents don’t slip up. Instead they both make an excuse about having to handle work business and they both leave. The sisters contemplate on who to fallow and ultimately Amy says they shouldn’t fallow neither and they should just have a stake out.

At the hotel Amy’s mom is the one who arrives. This infuriates Lauren so she marches out of the car  with Amy in toe and proceeds to bang on the  door demanding it to be open or she’ll drive her car through it. (see this right here is why I love Lauen so much)

The door opens and behind it is the mystery man that also doubles as AMY’s DAD. (Holy crap guys after nearly two full seasons we finally get to see who Amy’s dad is) (BUT WHY THE HELL IS HE WITH LAUREN’s MOM)

It’s the night  of Dukes fight. Of course Shane is super nervous and Liam assures him Duke is going to fine. Right as the group is taking pictures  and what not Zeta steals  Liam away from Karma leaving her alone just looking on like a sad little puppy. As all this is happening Shane is confronted by Dukes publicist again and she tells him he’s not interesting enough and it’s better that he isn’t seen with Duke in public because it makes Duke less desirable. Shane argues with the publicist saying that Duke won’t agree with this but she tells him her and Duke already discussed it.

Duke is about to make his way to the octagon when an upset Shane tells him that he’s let the fame and the paparazzi  get to him and if he knew that it was going to be this way he would’ve never outted him. YEP Shane let it slip that he was the one who outted Duke, but wait it gets crazier brcause then an upset Duke gets in Shane’s face and tells him that when  his publicist brought up the idea of hiding Shane was discussed he told her no. Uh oh can we all agree that Shane messed up BIG TIME.

The closing moment of the episode shows an upset Karma alone in the parking lot Liam then joins her explaining how he didn’t want money to be an issue. Karma then tells Liam that it’s not just about the money.  She explains that it hurt her that he told Zeta about his dad issues and not her. Liam then says he doesn’t know what he can or can not tell her brcause he doesn’t know what they are. Karma brings up the fact that its been complicated ever since she found out about him and Amy sleeping together. An upset Liam says that he doesn’t know how many times he has to say sorry about that and that he really wants to be with Karma. Karma is too emotional to handle the situation so she storms off. Errrr I think this mans Kiam is no more? (THANK GOD!)Zeta then joins Liam in the lot asking him if they broke up to which he says once again I’m not sure what we are. Zeta proceeds to ask him what do you want. Liam must not know anything because he answers this with an I don’t know This scene gets even more insane because OUT OF NOWHERE Zeta grabs Liam’s face and makes out with him…. Like what the hell… I thought Zeta didn’t like him? (Oh well as long as this keeps Liam away from Karma I’m all for it.)
That’s it for this weeks episode. The  teaser for next week implies that we are going to see Faking it’s version of The Breakfast Club and I’m so excited about it! Until next time folks, I’ll be back here same time, same place for an all new Faking it recap.

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