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Watch Miss Piggy Have a Meltdown In First Look At This Week’s “The Muppets” Premire

in an exclusive clip from Tuesday’s premiere episode of ABC’s new faux reality series The Muppets, the showbiz diva gives ex Kermit the Frog a list of outlandish demands for her late-night talk show Up Late with Miss Piggy – even striking out at one A-list star.

Miss Piggy is the host of Up Late, and Kermit the executive producer, a role he took on before the couple’s shocking split this past August after 40 years as a couple.

In the clip, Miss Piggy scolds her assistant before hammering her amphibian former love with orders: “I’m not happy with the janitor knowing what I throw away, can you have someone put a layer of generic trash over my private trash,” she insists.

The star wants the lilacs in her office to smell more like lilacs, and she absolutely doesn’t want actress Elizabeth Banks on her show.

“Lose her,” she tells a stressed Kermit, even after he reminds her of the Hunger Games actress’s superstar status.

The fashionable swine departs just as quickly as she arrived, leaving poor Kermit frazzled.

The episode also features a performance by Imagine Dragons and guest stars Josh Groban and Jay Leno.

Kermit has already moved on from the demanding diva, and is reportedly dating a head of marketing at ABC named Denise, who, coincidentally, is also a pig. Apparently Kermit has a type!

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