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Game Shakers: Exclusive Clip 

GAME SHAKERS SEASON 1 GALLERY: Pictured: Hudson (Thomas Kuc), Kenzie (Madisyn Shipman), Babe (Cree Cicchino), and Triple G (Benjamin Flores, Jr.) in GAME SHAKERS on Nickelodeon. Photo: Robert Voets/Nickelodeon. © 2015 Viacom International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Thanks to Just Jared Jr We have an exclusive clip for the TV show Game Shakers that’ll premier September 12 on Nickelodeon.

Game shakers is a show about two 7th grade girls Babe (Cree Cicchino) and Kenzie (Madisyn Shipman) who create a game called Sky whale for their science project. When the girls created this game they were hoping for just a passing grade but little did they know their creation would become the hottest selling app.

Following their success the girls and their friend Hudson played by Thomas Kuc start a game company in Brooklyn, but when rapper Double G played by Kel Mitchell finds out that one of his songs was used in the app without his consent he threatens for all he is owed.

To smooth things out the girls decide to make the rapper their business manager and his son Triple G (Benjamin little p-nut Flores Jr)a gaming consultant. Together the four are a match made in heaven sure to take the gaming world by storm.

Game shakers a show from the mind of Dan Schneider, the man behind fan favorites such as Icarly and Drake and Josh promises to be a show for generations to come.


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