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Caitlyn Jenner Confuses Ellen DeGeneres With Her Comments on Same Sex Marriage 

In a sit down interview which aired yesterday on The Ellen DenGeneres Show the 65 year old Caitlyn Jenner who came out as transgender earlier this year told the talk show host that she always believed in tradition and that she wasn’t for gay marriage. She went on to say she’s older then most of the audience and she always saw marriage as a man and a woman and she doesn’t quite get same sex marriage.

These comments left Ellen and people watching confused. While making an appearance on the Howard Stern show, Ellen had this to say about Jenners comments: you want people to understand and accept you, this is really confusing. And you still have a judgement on gay people and marriage. She went on to say if marriage is that important, it is. That’s the word we want the same.

Ellen who is married to actress Portia De Rossi said otherwise Jenner was a great interview but the former Olympian didn’t dance with her like many of her other past guest. DeGeneres jokingly said maybe she didn’t want to dance with me because I’m lesbian. 

All jokes aside though Ellen told Stern she wants Caitlyn Jenner to be happy and that’s what she wants Jenner to want for her

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