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Faking it: Season 2B premier (Recap)

After a 9 month hiatus the hit MTV show Faking it returned with the premier of the second half of season 2. It was no surprise that tonight’s episode was filled with drama. It featured everything from car hook ups, Protest, emotional speaches and a strip down from Shane Harvey?

The opening scene featured Karma Ashcroft and Liam Booker making out in a car but Liam quickly ruined the casual hook up by uttering the words “I love you” to which Karma shot down by reminding Liam they’re just good buddies who occasionally have sex. But wait it gets weirder becomes moments later Karma, Amy and Liam are all carpooling to school together. Awkward right?

Fans assumptions are quickly confirmed of Karma not being over the drunken hook up between Liam and Amy because when Amy mentions to Liam that he didn’t have to pick her up Karma says it’s her way of keeping an eye on them, Karma then quickly back peddles and dismisses the comment as a joke but watching the scene you could tell there was tension in the air.

Hester high has always been known as a progressive school that embraces diversity but all of that changes when a new principal is named. They call him principal Cooper and apparently he was brought in after Karma’s parents were caught selling marijuana on school property. Meanwhile in the midst of all the reforming Lauren and Shane are still battling each other over the student body president position. Lauren tries to get on Coopers good side by creating the varrifed system. It’s s system that will essentially let the students have their freedom back in exchange for drug test and access to their social media accounts.

On the other hand we have Shane who isn’t buying the new system he starts a protest where there main chant is N.U.D.E. you can’t take my rights from me. He then says students have nothing to hide and he proceeds to strip. Lauren interrupts this fiasco by giving a speech about how Hester isn’t what it use to be. She says students arnt safe, they were exposed and betrayed. What made this speech all the more powerful is her nark of a former boyfriend Theo/Anthony was there to hear it all.

Remember how last season Liam despised his fathers company Squirkal. Well guess what? Liam is now and intern there……. Say what??!! It is at his intern job where he meets the smoking hot Zeta. He opens up to her and tells her about Karma and she gives him a stone cold response by telling him he’s nieve.

Perhaps the biggest moment of tonight’s episode was the introduction of the new character Felix. We first meet Felix in an awkward moment where Karma is seen packing all her stuff. She’s then joined by Amy who asks what’s happening and Karma shrugs it off by saying she’s just spring cleaning. Then out of nowhere Felix enters the room. Who the hell is this guy? And why is he in Karma’s room??

Karma explains the situation telling Amy that Felix is just new gay best friend and that he’s just simply helping her with her new wordrobe. Later in the episode though Shane informs Amy that Felix is not gay. This causes Amy to hatch up a plan to try and saduce Felix but it’s short lived when Karma walks in on them. Karma is of course upset questioning Amy asking her if she’s going to keep seducing the man in her life. This leads to Felix blowing up on Karma for saying he was gay and he tells her she should tell Amy the truth.

Could Felix be Karma’s new boo?……. Nope that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Karma reveals to her bestie that after the drug bust her and her family are broke and are renting out their house to Felix and his family for money. Karma is in tears when she tells Amy that they’re pretty much homeless and that she’s been living in the back of her mom and dad’s juice truck. Amy tells Karma she has nothing to be embarresed about and that she’s there for her. Karma proceeds to question if their friendship could handle anymore drama and Amy assures her that together they can get through anything. This sweet moment is capped off by Amy giving Karma her half of the BFF her and Karma have, after Karma revealed that she had lost hers in the move and that was the real reason why she hadn’t been wearing it. The moment defiantly had us Karmy shippers teary eyed.

The episode ends with Liam showing up at Karma’s window. He’s outside telling her he still has hope for their relationship but his moment goes south when he doesn’t see Karma but rather a shirtless Felix. Liam ask why are you in Karma’s room to which Felix replies “maybe you need to ask her that”

Awww poor Liam….. Oh who am I kidding, my heart doesn’t break for him at all. That concluded tonight’s season premier. In the preview it shows us that there’s a chance that may still love Karma, trouble in paradise for Regan and Amy? and are Lauren and Theo getting back together?? Only time will tell but one thing is forsure, Faking it is back with a bang.

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