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Simple Plan Is Back

If you’re like myself and went to Jr high in the 2000’s then you’re probably familiar with the pop punk band Simple Plan. Even if you weren’t in middle school back then you still might know them and if that’s the case I tip my hat to you.

In 2002 Simple Plan released their debut album No pads, no helmets just balls, that featured hits like I’d do anything and Perfect and they were well received by angsty preteens everywhere. Then in 2004 they released their sophomore album Still  not getting any with tracks like welcome to my life and me against the world. It’s an album that is still believed to be the bands best work to date. After a four year hiatus the band came back with their self titled album that showed off a more mature side which was showcased through their single your love is just a lie.

However after the release of that album Simple Plan pretty much fell off the face of the earth. That is until recently because the Canadian rockers are back with their song called Boom and let me tell you it is good. What makes this catchy tune all the more better is that the music video features surprise appreances by tons of bands including PVRIS and Black Veil Brides. It’s clear that simple plan is happy to be making music again and I’m sure that’s exactly how their fans feel too.

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