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Rowan Blanchard speaks on feminism

It seems like this day and age feminism is a term we here almost everywhere. Many females and even some males claim that they are feminist, but what does it truly mean to be a feminist?

Rowan Blanchard best known for her role as Riley Matthews in the popular TV show Girl Meets World was recently asked by a fan on her tumblar account what her thoughts were of people excluding women of color in the ever growing feminist movement.

Blanchard who is only 13 years of age had a response that was wise beyond her years and it was a response that tought us all a valuable lesson.

One of the main points Blanchard made in her statement is that the common issues of feminism include equal rights, plant parenthood, abortion, and most recently marriage equality. However more often then not race and police brutality are issues that get buried within the feminism movement.

Rowan then went on to say that “White feminism” forgets all about intersectional feminism. The way a white woman may experience inequality is totally different from the way a black woman, Hispanic, or even a trans woman may experience inequality. She continues by saying that black women are a victim of police brutality too. Rowan doesn’t stop there she brings up a very good point by saying that we are quick to apluad a white woman when she speaks up on race issues but if a woman of color does it its viewed as her complaining. Rowan doesn’t exclude gender either because she goes on to say “Let’s not forget black males arnt allowed to ware hoods”

Another point she makes is that trans women are at a greater risk of sexual assault and hate crimes. She continues by saying  that it’s extremely important that we protect trans women. She mentions that trans women are continuously being robbed of their souls when they are told they are not real women.
Rowan also mentions that derogatory name calling towards a male for wearing anything remotely feminine drives her insane and that “gay simply isn’t an insult”

She closes her response by saying “To only acknowledge feminism from a one sided view when the literal definition is equality of all sexes is not feminism at all. We need to talk about this more. Discussion leads to change.” -XO ROW

You can read Rowan’s full statement in the links below

I just want to take a moment by saying bravo to Miss Blanchard, the world would be a much better place if everyone thought the way you do.

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